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About Bundox

Reimagining African Safaris

What makes the perfect safari? Is it the thread count of the sheets on an impossibly large bed or opulent décor dripping with objets d'art?

Or is it life-changing experiences in vast, remote wilderness areas filled with iconic wildlife species? We think it’s a little of one and a lot of the other. Bundox Safari Co is not against luxury on safari, we just don’t want our safaris to be defined by it.

Where our accommodation is concerned, we take a more understated approach to luxury, reducing it to a natural, simple form that blends perfectly with the environments in which we work. We ensure that comfort is brought to the fore, using clever, modern design to create spaces that are relaxing, practical and easy on the eye.

It’s our experiences, especially those that connect you directly with wild Africa, that are truly the benchmark of a Bundox Safari Co safari… Out there in the African bush, where all of your senses are immersed in the wilderness and become imperceptibly attuned to it, allowing you to truly understand the raw, untamed power of nature. That’s our brand of luxury. Authentic. Natural. True.

Driven by passion

It’s the thing that drives Bundox Safari Co – passion – a deep, abiding love for Africa’s last remaining wilderness areas and sharing that love with as many people as possible. It’s a passion that drives every aspect of our business and that’s evident at every stage of your safari, from the moment you first make an enquiry to your final farewell as you leave us, safari done and dusted and headed for home.

A passion for hospitality

Our passion extends to our wonderful team members in each of our camps and lodges, where you’ll find big smiles, warm welcomes and a “can do” attitude that ensures nothing is too much trouble, no matter how trivial. We want you to have the best safari possible, filled with exceptional experiences that create lifelong memories. We also want you to fall in love with Africa and become advocates for its wild places and the incredible fauna and flora that call them home.

A passion for safari perfection

Passion drives our desire to create perfection in our safari camps, lodges and villas, on our expeditions and conservation-based journeys. It’s a passion for simplicity, practicality and authenticity that works hand-in-hand with sustainability and responsibility, resulting in naturally luxurious, infinitely elegant yet effortlessly simple accommodation where the focus is firmly on the experience of being immersed in wild Africa.

A passion for Africa

Passion also underpins our deep commitment to helping protect and conserve wilderness areas and the iconic species that live in them, treating our planet with the respect it deserves and working alongside dedicated conservationists to ensure future generations get to experience the magic of wild Africa the way we do.

A passion for people

It is our passion for people that really defines us… The passion for those we employ and for helping them reach their true potential and thrive in their work environment and for those we welcome into the Bundox family as guests. You may arrive with a handshake, but you will most definitely leave with a hug, knowing you have made a positive difference to everyone involved in your safari.