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Find yourself on a Bundox safari

An African safari is character-building. It changes you, often imperceptibly, allowing you to see things differently, opening your eyes to new horizons as you re-evaluate life and how best to live it. It reshapes the way you think and humbles you in the face of nature’s raw, untamed power. It’s an awakening to who what’s truly important and what isn’t. It’s a voyage of discovery. One we take together…

Every Bundox safari is built on the ethos that underpins our business, taking the principles we hold most dear to create personal, life-altering connections with Africa. We call it the Bundox Brand Compass and it helps us to stay true to our core values and give you superlative, authentic safari experiences.

From unique, sometimes niche expeditions into the African wilderness to eye-opening participation on the frontline of wildlife conservation and everything in between, our goal is to deliver holistic, nature-focussed journeys that make a difference and leave a legacy.

No matter whether you’re choosing a family safari in the Greater Kruger; a romantic escape in Botswana or a conservation-based adventure in an effort to help save a species under threat, your Bundox Safari Co journey begins with a simple commitment to make every safari count.

So come with us and broaden your horizons...

Safari Expeditions

Choose from a range of pre-packaged safari options that take in the very best of South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park, Botswana’s breathtaking Moremi Game Reserve and the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta.


Safari Packages

The ultimate immersive safari experience as we take the concept of an African safari to the next level, following in the footsteps of the early explorers to discover remote wilderness areas and the incredible fauna and flora that call them home.



Hands-on safaris that connect you directly with the ongoing battle to save Africa’s endangered wildlife species from the challenges that threaten their existence. Do your bit to ensure their future and a better tomorrow for Africa.

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