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The benefits of being on safari, surrounded by Mother Nature in all her wild glory are many and various, and when you add in some fabulous wellness therapies and spa treatments the result is a new you and a deep appreciation for the power of the wild!

Lay back, relax, listen to the sounds of nature all around you and allow yourself to unwind completely, forgetting all about the stresses and strains of every day life, work, juggling your job and family life and financial responsibilities… Does it sound like a daydream? Well, at Bundox Safari Lodge it’s our job to make your dream a reality as we help you unlock the healing power of the African wilderness!

That’s right, going on safari is actually good for you and can help you to fight stress and bring body, mind and soul together in a wonderful synergy, especially when you have the healing hands of one of our talented spa therapists helping to rid your body of the stress stored up in it. That stress manifests itself as aches and pains and a wonderful massage or hot stone treatment is perfect for relaxing muscles, allowing all of that negative energy to be released. The result? A refreshed and rejuvenated you.

All of our treatments begin with an introductory traditional foot ritual designed to introduce you to your therapist and learn more about the healing power of nature in the beautiful, tranquil environment of our Spa@Bundox.

Provided by nature, designed to nurture

Tucked away beneath a canopy of tall trees, overlooking the wonderful sanctuary close to the edge of the Greater Kruger National Park that’s home to Bundox Safari Lodge, our gorgeous spa offers two side-by-side massage beds in a contemporary organic design setting that’s custom-made for tranquillity and switching off from the outside world.

Using customised products from the Healing Earth range, each aromatic oil and lotion is made organically from natural products sourced in and around the African wilderness we call home. They’re earth-friendly, animal-friendly and ultimately, people-friendly and allow you to embrace the healing power of nature, finding untapped sources of contentment, inner peace, self-awareness and general well-being.

Healing Earth’s products contain no artificial colourants, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics or other harmful ingredients and use indigenous plant extracts to create a holistic collection of nature-first products. We also support local organic farming, selecting only pure, organic essential oils.

There’s Kalahari melon to help with hydration; marula for softening the skin and relaxing tired muscles, African ginger for aiding weight loss, pinotage grape extracts for powerful anti-oxidant properties; mongongo nut for detoxifying and African potato for healing and repairing damaged skin.

Stress Busters

It’s been well documented that a few days spent away from “civilisation” in the bosom of the wilderness helps to combat the worst illness of the modern age – stress. Make no bones about it, anxiety is a killer and stress is the main cause of a range of critical illnesses including hypertension, heart disease, high blood sugar, depression and irritable bowel syndrome. So a physical, emotional and psychological reboot is most definitely in order. And where better to have that magical experience than here in the African wilderness, on safari with Bundox?

Our Spa@Bundox at Bundox Safari Lodge is our main wellness centre here in South Africa’s Greater Kruger Region, but we also have a small bush spa at Mankwe Tented Retreat in Botswana, even further removed from the madding world of urban existence. Both locations are ideal escapes from everything that stresses you and after just a couple of days “off the grid” you’ll begin to feel the benefits of life at a slower pace, keeping time to the rise and fall of the sun and the ancient rhythms of the African wilderness around you.

Activities aplenty

Do as little or as much as you want to. In between spa therapies and treatments, indulge in a little “me” or “we” time, sunbathing next to a sparkling swimming pool, laying back under a canopy of trees on a private picnic with a bottle of bubbly on ice or exploring wild Africa and seeing her iconic wildlife species on a game drive.

You can even opt for a personally guided day-trip into the Kruger National Park or, if you choose to escape to Mankwe Tented Retreat, a private mokoro safari in the channels of the Okavango Delta. Each option offers you the ultimate escape and a range of wonderful things to see and do while you give yourself a complete break from “normality”.

Get in touch today and chat to us about a wellness safari with Bundox Safari Co, and let’s start the planning process together!