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Kingly Bush Camp

A Timeless Safari Adventure Unveiled at Kingly Bush Camp

Nestled within the heart of the Balule North Reserve, Kingly Bush Camp epitomizes the enduring charm of an authentic safari experience. Surrounded by the Greater Kruger’s Big 5 territory, this rustic-tented retreat beckons those seeking the essence of a classic safari amidst the untamed beauty of the African wilderness.

Crafted for friends, families, and wilderness conservation enthusiasts, Kingly Bush Camp strategically positions itself amid dense mopane woodlands, offering an immersive and genuine safari adventure. Embrace a rugged outdoor lifestyle beneath the sprawling African skies, revelling in uncompromised comfort.

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Explore the Untamed Wilderness with Kingly Bush Camp

Embark on a journey into the heart of untamed wilderness with Kingly Bush Camp, an exclusive retreat in the Balule Private Nature Reserve. Rooted in the essence of a true safari experience, it distils extraordinary adventure down to its fundamental elements.

At Kingly Bush Camp, simplicity reconnects with nature, crafting an authentic retreat on the untamed grounds of Balule. The blend of essential comforts and the raw beauty of the African bush defines an unforgettable safari. Witness elephants navigating through the wilderness, raise a glass to mesmerizing sunsets and gather around a crackling fire under the vast canvas of stars.

Kingly Bush Camp cultivates an environment where essentials become an art form. Indulge in delectable meals, revitalizing showers, and nights between soft cotton sheets serenaded by distant lion roars.

Return to the allure of Kingly Bush Camp – not just a safari but a harmonious dance with nature.


Simplicity in the Heart of the Wilderness

Kingly Bush Camp captivates with the enchanting allure of simplicity in the untamed depths. The accommodations, reminiscent of a bygone era, seamlessly blend functionality with the unmatched thrill of a safari.

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Embark on a Journey with Kingly Bush Camp

Engage with the untamed wilderness at Kingly Bush Camp, where activities intertwine seamlessly with nature’s heartbeat. Morning game drives, bush walks, afternoon game drives, and sundowner stops offer an immersive safari experience.

The enchanting boma fire beckons under the stars for shared stories and warmth. Culinary journeys with home-cooked meals, picnic lunches, and Olifants River Boat Cruises add layers of delight. Kingly Bush Camp invites you to swap safari tales around the campfire, gaze at the stars, and create memories echoing the essence of a true African adventure.

With incredible views, great game viewing, and a commitment to preserving natural wonders, Kingly Bush Camp stands testament to the belief that exceptional experiences come in small, intimate escapes into the heart of the untamed.