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Encounter the Spirit of Wild Africa

Two legendary African countries with limitless safari options speak to the heart of Bundox Safari Co and the journeys we create.

South Africa and Botswana together form the foundation of our African safari experience and are home to the safari lodges, retreats, explorer camps and expeditions that proudly fly the Bundox flag.

Glittering gems in Southern Africa’s safari crown, both countries are home to legendary wilderness areas bursting at the seams with life in abundance. It’s beneath their vaulted skies that you will encounter the spirit of wild Africa and the true meaning of safari.

Each destination in these two marvellous countries has its own unique character and charm but all share the same commitment to providing authentic safari experiences and the hallmark Bundox brand of warm, welcoming hospitality. You may arrive with a handshake, but you will definitely leave with a hug, having become part of the extended Bundox family.

Our Destinations

South Africa

Explore South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park, one of the most iconic safari destinations in Africa and find out why this country is called the “Rainbow Nation”…

Discover South Africa


Discover the magical Okavango Delta, a wonder of the natural world and undoubtedly one of Africa’s greatest and most pristine wildernesses, where incredible adventures await…

Discover Botswana

What you can expect from your African safari

A Bundox Safari Co safari exposes you to the raw, untamed majesty of the African wilderness, connecting you to its spectacular and intricate eco-systems in an authentic, respectful, hands-on way. We don’t do schoolbook, parrot-fashion lecturing about the wild fauna and flora you see. Our guides are not going to bamboozle you with latin taxonomy, but rather encourage you to learn from the experience of encountering species in their natural habitat, explaining how each fits into its environment and the critical role it plays.

So expect the unexpected and absorb the amazing collective knowledge of our talented team of people as you enjoy unparalleled wildneress experiences in some of the most beautiful landscapes Africa can offer…

Wildlife at close quarters

Whether it’s on an open safari vehicle or a specially adapted safari boat, our twice-daily game viewing activities provide intimate encounters with some of the most iconic wildlife species on Planet Earth.

We also offer the option of walking safaris, where possible, allowing you to experience the thrill of wild Africa on foot as you discover the infinite minutiae of fascinating things so often missed on game drives or cruises.

Adventure activities and tours

From full-day safaris in the Kruger National Park and Khwai region of the Okavango Delta to hot-air ballooning, helicopter flights, microlighting and quad biking and a variety of day trips and tours, your safari options are as diverse as the landscapes you will be exploring.

Our destinations in South Africa and Botswana offer endless possibilities to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing, whether from the air or on terra firma, giving you the opportunity to experience the African wilderness from a myriad different perspectives and immerse yourself in the cultures and traditions of the people who live on its periphery.