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Our Philosophy

Dedication and commitment

The Bundox brand has been built on a solid foundation of dedication and commitment to both people and planet and on sharing the passion we have for what we do.

This is reflected in who we are, as a brand, and how we do what we do for you, our guests. Every experience we offer comes from the heart and our desire to share our love of wild Africa with you. Here, then, is a snapshot of who we are and what makes us tick…

Vision Statement

Our brand vision

To create meaningful, impactful and authentic African experiences

We are modest, attentive and reliable in our approach. What we promise we deliver, exceeding expectations wherever we can. We live authentic lifestyles and we offer authentic, immersive African safari experiences. We aim to show guests a different way of living and help them discover a different way of thinking, with nature front and centre.

Mission Statement

Our core purpose

Inspiring a love of Africa, her people and wild places

We want our guests to have the same emotional connection we have for Africa – we want them to think longingly about their return, we want them to tell everyone about the incredible continent, its places, cultures and wildlife. We want them to care as deeply as we do about its sustainability and conservation for future generations.

Value Statement

Our brand promise

To encourage our guests to fall in love with Africa and discover their own passion for its wilderness areas

We are driven by a genuine desire to share Africa in a way that excites us personally. Each safari experience is based on our own love of the African wilderness and our respect for the iconic species that call it home. We want to give our guests experiences we love and want them to be as invested in Africa’s future as we are.

Who we are...


  • We are the real deal. We provide a natural level of luxury built on a back-to-basic philosophy that puts nature in the spotlight.
  • All the accommodation and experiences we have created come from the heart and first-hand experience, giving us a level of expertise in our field
  • We are a small business, which means no mass tourism only small, intimate and bespoke safari experiences and owner-run, independent camps and lodges. We run our business with heart and a conscience, which benefits the end customer directly.


  • We are Africa-based, small and privately owned – this is our home, our business and exceeding the expectations of our guests directly benefits us and ensures our sustainability.
  • We get a kick out of welcoming guests to our lodges and camps and know we are going to delight them.
  • Our personal need to create safari perfection and the expectation of superlative service from others informs our own service to guests.


  • The buck stops with us. We are genuinely invested in ensuring you won’t have to worry about a thing on a safari with us.
  • Every aspect of your safari is organised by an experienced, knowledgeable team under direct supervision of the owner of the business whose constant drive for perfection means every detail is anticipated.
  • We do things properly, from creating intimate, comfortably and naturally luxurious safaris that immerse you in the African wilderness to ensuring every aspect of your safari is effortless, from first enquiry to final farewell.

Our commitment to our planet

Treading softly

All of Bundox Safari Co’s camps, lodges and retreats are built to blend into their environments and minimise their footprints. With the benefit of solar power and water saving methodology, we are committed to reducing the impact on our African eco-systems and mitigate the negative effects of climate change as much as we can.

Building for tomorrow by giving back today

Empowerment of people

At Bundox Safari Co we are committed to empowering people so they can help us protect our last great African wilderness areas and the iconic wildlife species that call them home. This begins with employment from our local communities and continues with skills development and training to provide people not just with jobs but careers for life.

Through building a more sustainable safari business we are also contributing directly to the conservation of endangered and threatened wildlife by ensuring that local communities benefit directly from them through responsible and ethical tourism.

Protecting wild fauna and flora

Conservation at our core

We put nature first in everything we do, and we work hard to protect and conserve all types of fauna and flora, not just the iconic endangered and threatened species that constantly make the headlines. We believe in a holistic approach to conservation – one that has people at its heart and that is inclusive of local communities in whose hands the ultimate fate of Africa’s wilderness areas rests.

We work with recognised conservation organisations and provide logistical and practical support to a broad range of conservation and research programmes wherever we operate, funded in part by the conservation travel opportunities that we offer as part of our brand.