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Safari Expeditions

Into the wilderness we go... Experience our Africa

The ultimate African safari awaits, begging you to explore further, discover more, learn progressively and experience fully.

A Bundox Safari Co expedition takes the traditional safari experience to the next level, immersing you completely in the African wilderness, honing your understanding of life and its infinite intricacies, focusing your senses and opening your mind. It’s an odyssey. An exploration driven by a thirst for knowledge and the ancient wisdom of Africa’s wild spirit. An adventure in every sense of the word. And it starts here…

Putting Africa's wildlife in the spotlight

All Bundox Safari Co expeditions are wildlife-based, allowing you to focus on specific species or groups of species, providing room for special interests like ornithology and photography and in-depth study of iconic fauna and flora in their natural habitat. Led by expert specialist guides, these journeys of discovery are the ultimate way to experience the African wilderness, taking you far from everything familiar and into the vast unknown. We offer both scheduled departures and bespoke expeditions in both Botswana and South Africa… And beyond…

Unplugged Africa awaits

Expeditions in the true sense of the word, you follow in the footsteps of the pioneer explorers of old, staying in intimate mobile tented camps with all of the comforts you need but none of the frills you don’t. Explore remote areas and learn from leading ecologists and researchers about key species and the challenges they face. Search for rare endemic birds and capture them on camera… Get to grips with Africa’s large carnivores and the critical role they play in ecosystems… Follow elephants and learn about their social dynamics… Get a glimpse of the bigger picture that is life on planet Earth and better understand our place in it…

Expeditions end at one of our flagship camps where you complete your journey with time for reflection on everything you have experienced, emerging slowly from your deep dive into wild Africa and back into a world that will look and feel very different to the one you left when you first set off. Thanks to the transformative power of the African wilderness you will leave Africa forever changed. And planning your next expedition!

Our Safari Expeditions

Botswana Predator Expedition

SOLD OUT FOR 2023 - Contact us to book for next season!

Discover Northern Kruger Expedition

SOLD OUT FOR 2023 - Contact us to book for next season!

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