Bundox Safari Lodge & Retreat, Limpopo, South Africa

We invite you to embark on a wellness journey and discover a profound peace within a place of tranquillity in the sanctuary of Spa@Bundox, situated amongst beautiful bushveld trees at Bundox Safari Lodge & Retreat.


Spa@Bundox provides a tranquil setting for healing and total relaxation.   Two massage beds are located in a natural wood building offering a peaceful space and an earthy ambiance.  Each treatment starts with an introductory foot ritual which will introduce the therapist and client.

Spa@Bundox joined forces with Healing Earth and hopes that you enjoy discovering the healing power of Africa’s rich natural resources, and the value of embracing the earth-, animal- and people-friendly wellbeing solutions. 


Healing Earth is the market leader in holistic African beauty and wellness care. 

Our lovingly curated journeys together with the healing power of nature work in harmony to induce a state of complete relaxation and wellbeing to soothe mind, body, and soul.


Our Body Treatments are a wonderful way to rejuvenate and indulge to achieve a sense of contentment, self-awareness, and well-being both physically and mentally.   We invite you to come and experience and piece of nature and nurture and enjoy a massage treatment at the Bundox Spa during your visit to our beautiful piece of paradise.  Our therapists use different techniques to give you the massage you want.



We believe in continuous nourishment, protection and harmony of the self, inspiring each guest in the pursuit of vitality and total mind and body rejuvenation during their time with us.


This balance can only be found through the holistic care of all aspects of being - body, mind, and spirit.