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South Africa

One country - a world of possibilities

There's a reason Desmond Tutu called South Africa the "Rainbow Nation" and coined a nickname that perhaps most accurately sums up this colourful and vibrant country.

It stems from a deep appreciation and understanding of the infinite diversity of its people and its places, the richness of its cultural heritage and the collective triumph over adversity that brought it out of a dark, divided past and placed it front and centre on the world’s tourism stage where it has shone brightly for the past three decades.

At the centre of this success story is arguably one of the best wilderness areas in Southern Africa in terms of wild fauna and flora, breathtaking scenery and superlative safari experiences – the Greater Kruger National Park. This vast swathe of protected land includes the iconic Kruger National Park and its neighbouring private game reserves which together boast some of the highest concentrations of game in Africa. It’s the home of the South African safari and is the beating heart of the Bundox Safari Co brand. Come and explore it with us…

Discover our Greater Kruger destinations

Strung out like a collection of safari gems across the Greater Kruger landscape with the small town of Hoedspruit forming their hub, Bundox’s South African safari destinations reflect that fabled Rainbow Nation diversity.

Each offers its own, distinctly different safari experience to both first-time safari travellers and seasoned safari veterans alike. Together, they encapsulate our deep-seated commitment to our homeland, its wonderful people, its beautiful wild places and its iconic wildlife species.

We consider it an absolute privilege to be able to share these very special places with you…

Bundox Safari Lodge

From the moment you arrive at Bundox Safari Lodge, you can feel the outside world become more distant and muted. Perhaps it’s the breeze moving in the branches of the tall, riparian trees that surround you, or the birdsong that fills the air. Maybe it’s the sound of Africa welcoming you to a place where time has no meaning…

Discover Bundox Safari Lodge

Bundox Explorer Camp

If there’s one thing that defines the DNA of Bundox Explorer Camp it’s the ethos of taking the bells and whistles of the modern, luxury safari experience and paring it down to a simpler, more authentic homage to the days when exploring the African wilderness was a pioneering adventure and not about opulent accommodation…

Discover Bundox Explorer Camp

Bundox River Lodge

Views. They’re something that turns an ordinary safari experience into something extraordinary, especially when they involve the unique combination of permanently flowing water slicing through a pristine African wilderness. At Bundox River Lodge, the views over the omnipresent Olifants River create pure safari magic… This is unplugged Africa at its best!

Discover Bundox River Lodge

Bundox Villas

In today’s busy world where time is the rarest of luxuries, we offer you the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with your family and retreat to a quiet place, far from the madding crowd, in the heart of one of South Africa’s most beautiful Lowveld regions. Surrounded by tall riparian trees on the lush banks of the sparkling Olifants River, Bundox Villas is designed to help you switch off, recharge and rediscover the joys of “we” time with your loved ones.

Discover Bundox Villas

Kingly Conservation Camp

Nestled within the heart of the Balule North Reserve, Kingly Conservation Camp epitomizes the enduring charm of an authentic safari experience. Surrounded by the Greater Kruger’s Big 5 territory, this rustic-tented retreat beckons those seeking the essence of a classic safari amidst the untamed beauty of the African wilderness.

Discover Kingly Conservation Camp

South African Safari Packages

We’ve created a range of perfectly packaged South African safari tours and activity options for you that are designed to take the hassle out of wondering where to stay and what to do while you’re travelling with us. From romantic escapes for lovers of all ages to family focussed adventures and special focus safaris for keen photographers, conservationists and birding enthusiasts, our aim is to offer you the widest range of options possible on our own Bundox safari “circuit”.

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