Located throughout the Greater Kruger Area, these exceptional destinations offer a variety of memorable experiences - from Luxury Tented Accommodation, our Explorer Camp, a Luxurious Spa and exclusive Safari Excursions and Activities.

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Our team at Bundox Safari Co. are committed to make sure that your African safari experience is an unforgettable one.  As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for the African bushveld and our wildlife.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism in hospitality and our vast knowledge of nature and the area.

Greater Kruger is a vast safari area comprising the famous Kruger National Park and a number of privately owned reserves around the parks periphery.  The entire conservation area of the Greater Kruger is now a shade under 20,000km2.

The Kruger is South Africa’s flagship park and is situated in the far north-east of South Africa. It is one of the largest and most game rich parks on the whole African continent.

Here at Bundox we have a wide variety of bird life to interest both novice and avid birders alike. Our forest setting plays host to myriad species; bright Orioles calling, spots of colour high in the trees; shy bushshrikes hopping around in the branches; and jewel-bright Sunbirds flitting around the flowers. 


Sit on your terrace in the morning to hear the morning chorus as the birds wake up for the day, or at our waterhole to watch the Pied Kingfishers diving for breakfast and the Purple-crested Turacos flash past, purple and red wings catching the sun. The haunting call of the Fish Eagle can be heard from high above and the raucous call of the Hadedas is sure to wake you up for the day.


Our forest trail takes you on a winding path through the property, offering opportunities to spot many of our birds, spy the hawk eagle nest, or watch the vultures catching thermals overhead.

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